App Development

So you’re excited about app development and you got some great ideas that you’d want to bring to life? You might then want to ask how exactly you would want to start. If you don’t know anything about programming, you can consult a software company or a professional programmer to turn your idea into a reality. Before you even get started with the web building process, there are a few more questions that you can ask yourself:

App development does not just only require you to determine the web app that you want people to use. In addition, it asks you to choose where people can use the app like on a desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

If you’re planning to store photos, scores, login credentials, etc., you may want to choose a service-oriented architecture. The idea here is to use a software architecture wherein information and functionalities are readily accessible over the web for any program or app.

So how’s your computer?

Most often than not, you may not need a new computer. For Android apps, you can either use a Windows, Linux, or a Mac computer. However, you may need to really have a Mac to successfully create an iOS app. If you’ve been using your computer for more than a decade already, it may be about time to get a new one. The latest computers today work a lot faster, thus they definitely would make software development move a bit quicker.

Usually, mobile device apps require some special programs referred to as IDEs or Integrated Development Environment tools. They allow programmers to write codes and build projects that can operate on tablets, phones, televisions, and several other types of hardware.

Two of the free development tools you can use to create smartphone apps are Xcode for iOS and Eclipse for Android. The other good thing about these platforms is that they don’t require you to have a smartphone to test your app. This is because they already include virtual phones which can be run on the computer to perform some tests.

Although development tools are often cheaper or free of charge, registering web apps or hosting them may require a minimal monthly or annual fee.

Publishing apps in app stores may also be a bit expensive. Pricing your app would, therefore, require strategic planning. That way, you can get your app easily available for several users and earn money to create more interesting apps.

As always, writing an app requires a lot of hardwork, patience, and determination. If you haven’t written an app before, you can expect it to be very challenging. Of course, you should have a basic idea of how apps are generally setup. The good thing though is there are now a couple of resources that you can use. Online platforms such as Treehouse can provide some lessons on how you can build Android or iOS apps.

Why Use Our Team?

The success of an app is mainly dependent on the expertise and range of skills of the web developer. It’s, therefore, necessary that you choose a programmer who can turn your creative idea into a reality. That person you’ll hire should not only provide you with a mediocre software that work, but should also give you an app that really affects people in a positive way.

As an App SEM expert, Mattis Marketing USA always takes the time to learn your business before even showing you a profound strategic plan. We make sure that every step we take is geared towards making your company reach its fullest potential. Our cost-effective, yet high-quality Internet marketing services are always guaranteed to provide you high-end results.

We also understand the fact that each business is unique, thus a one-size-fits-all approach is never going to work. We’ll make sure to tailor each custom solution we deliver so that it matches your culture, customer preferences, and many others.

Through the years, we’ve built countless of Android and iOS apps.

So how do we do successfully create them?

First, we look for ways to transform your ideas into a reality. This involves close collaboration with our clients so as to ensure that both parties are on the same page in terms of the features that need to be integrated. We likewise consider the feasibility of the app that’s being planned.

With those put into consideration, we innovate and look for ways to increase user engagement. We likewise make a human-centered design approach and solidify technical approaches. If everything’s already put in place, we finalize the target schedule and estimated budget.

The journey to a wonderful mobile solution or app begins once we send over the job to our very experienced crew. This is where the all the technicalities of the app are put together. This stage involves:

Product management
In this stage, we deal with the planning and production of products at all stages of the product lifecycle.
User-centered design
We focus on the needs, perceived wants, and limitations of end users at each stage of the app design process.
Native iOS & Android app development
We work on all the technical specifications of the app with reference to what you asked us to include.
Responsive website development

Here, we make sure that the app responds effectively to various user behaviors and environments.

And a lot more.

We also perform server-side and application program interface (API) development, app analytics, admin panel, and much more.

Did you think you’ve read everything? Here’s more.

We’re proud to back everything we said with our track record of top-ranked and top-grossing apps. While we can always ask for a much higher fee, we have always remained humble by making our services highly available and affordable for everybody. Our highly experienced app team always has fresh ideas and new strategies to make the app creation process a seamless one.

Moreover, we can also ask act as a temporary technical co-founder for your startup company to make you more prepared in growing your business.