As we all know, G Suite is a business version of Gmail enthralled with important and special features made solely for companies and business owners who want to function effectively in the world of online business. Utilizing the newest technology and integrate it into your company’s system is one efficient way of rising to the top and gain the most interest and sales from billions of internet users around the Globe. Mattis Marketing’s G Suite is a hassle free product with full support from us 24/7. Here are reasons and benefits why you need to move up to the G Suite level from your free Google service.


Large Storage Capacity

An ordinary and free Gmail from Google has a storage capacity of 15 GB per user which is incredible a large amount compared to other emailing platforms. However, for business owners utilizing the free Gmail, this storage capacity won’t be enough given multiple emails, videos, large files sent to them from their customers and clients. Purchasing G Suite from Mattis Marketing USA would increase your storage capacity from 15 GB to 30 GB or to unlimited storage capacity. So if you plan to continue utilizing Google mail for your own company, try G Suite, the business version of Gmail.

Access from anywhere

Since G Suite is from Google and it is internet based, then all users will be able to access their files and their emails with an internet connection. Other platforms would require you to use their own servers in order for you to access your data on the web, which is a total inconvenience to business owners traveling from the country after another.

IM Storage

Instant Message storage is a helpful way for owners to get in touch with his employees along with their company’s potential clients.

Ease of Searching and Organizing

One special feature of using G Suite is the ability to incorporate your other email accounts from either Yahoo or Hotmail into your Gmail so that you can manage all of them in one account. Searching for your emails with G Suite as well as organizing them won’t be too much of a burden with its search section.

Data Security

Hackers and scammers from all over the world, trying to steal money and information from online companies are emerging nowadays. With G Suite, your connection will SSL secured, thus, guarantees that no one can access any important information besides you.

Own Domain

A more professional appearance to your company’s email would be using your own domain. Instead of using @gmail or @hotmail, you can use @your_company’s_name with G Suite. Using your own domain creates more impact to the users and may add some extra traffic to your website.

Spam Filters

The best way to filter your emails is through purchasing G Suite. It has the best spam filter that will definitely save you from manually deleting unwanted emails. Also, with G Suite, ads and surveys will easily be filtered and will go directly to the spam inbox.

Going Mobile

A reason why Google became a huge player in the market is because of its integration on mobile devices. Samsung and some other brands have Google default apps in their system. With G Suite’s special privileges, you can bring your entire company along with you in your travels.

Extraordinary emailing service platform

G Suite is not just an ordinary emailing service platform. Unlike Yahoo or Hotmail, which focuses solely on communication between users, Gmail is an all in one platform that can run an entire company with ease.

Reasons to move into G Suite

Gmail Web Interface Continuation

Many of the business owners who settle with the free version of Gmail and other Google Apps are afraid to venture out again in a new environment. Some of them won’t move to G Suite because they don’t want to familiarize again a new interface. However, G Suite is just the same with the free Gmail but with some additional authoritative capabilities. If you are familiar with the ordinary Gmail, then it won’t be hard for you to navigate in G Suite.

Sync in with your devices

IMAP is only accessible with G Suite. This will allow you to sync in all of your devices, from computers, laptops, to smartphones and tablets. Moving from one device to another won’t be too much of a burden for you with IMAP since all your contents will immediately be synced.


G suite has a very imperative layer of safety and security for all of its users. It is often called as the Two-Step Verification. This process would require you to input your mobile number and then input the verification code sent to your mobile. If you log in to your G Suite in an unrecognized computer, then you will be sent a verification code to make sure that you are the one accessing your information.

Room for improvement

G Suite is greatly a room for improvement. Owners who run their companies on their own will find G Suite as a great platform for improvements. You can observe, deduce, and plan in their some possible solutions for your company’s holes and flaws.

File Ownership

when you designate a certain job to your employee, their works and their files will be yours. G Suite will allow any files to be saved to your drive which means that if you ever kick an employee, their files will always be viewable using your backup system.

Sharing of Documents

G suite is famous among content writing companies, listing companies, website bug fixes service, and some other companies due to its document sharing abilities. Companies can now easily share documents with their clients or within their system and employees for a more efficient communication and a more productive day.

Several email addresses

G Suite can allow a user to create multiple email addresses. This would be very helpful in times when you decide to change your domain name. Whether the email was sent to the old or the new one, the message will always go to the same inbox.

CRM System

G Suite’s CRM system called “Prosper Works” helps in tracking better prospects, leads, jobs, customers, and much more above others.

G Suite Credentials

Using your G Suite credentials, you can easily log into other business applications.

A virtual Company

With G Suite, you can run your own company in the virtual world with real income. Everything that a company needs is in G Suite; from a secretary, janitor to CEO, content team, and support team.

24/7 Customer Support

Mattis Marketing and Google Customer Support will always be on your back to support and aid you in times of troubles and doubts.

Why Use Gmail?

Business owners and marketers are faced with a decision of picking the best communicating and email service or platform for their company in the early part of business. Aside from Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, AOL mail, etc. Facebook and Twitter are also in competition.

There were a lot of forums and community debates that argue about the death of emails due to the presence of social media networking sites like Facebook. However, Facebook and Twitter, being successors of email, failed to use their full potential and cannot exceed emailing platforms sending capacity. Thus, email won’t be dead and will remain in the online world for several years.

The real question is, why should businesses use Gmail instead of other emailing platforms? Google Mails is above all the best and the most imperative communication service ever present in the online world. Google was successful in creating a self-sufficient system that makes it impossible for users to surf the net without a Google Mail Account. An example of this is a video posting platform, YouTube. A User cannot participate and engage in this platform without a Gmail account. YouTube and Gmail are attached and coexist with each other.

The interface of Gmail is somewhat ugly to look at compared to other platforms. If it will be entered in a beauty contest, it will surely lose. However, in terms of its functionality and its reliability, Google will surely prevail above others for nothing could possibly go wrong with Gmail. The obvious fact that the features of Gmail are accessible on mobile devices makes it more essential and significant for businesses and other matters.

Mattis Marketing prefers providing you with ready to use Gmail accounts, best for your business. But before all that, here are some of the basic things you should know about Gmail:

What is Gmail?

Gmail or Google mail is a free email service created and developed by Google. It is accessible to both Android and IOS users and some other 3rd parties. Gmail started from being an open beta and continued for 5 years. The storage capacity provided for users started from a small quantity of 1 gigabyte. That particular storage capacity is significantly higher than their competitors in this field of service which attracted all business and commercial related companies and individuals. Comparing to that of the best competitor of Google mail at that time, Hotmail, has a 2-megabyte storage capacity which is only 0.002% percent of Google mail’s capacity. This was one of the main reasons why Google mail prospered and overpowered famous competitors like Yahoo mail, Hotmail, etc.

Aside from this, Google created more features that set them apart from others. They utilize the newest technology and implemented it on their Google Mail system, making it more advanced and reliable for the users. These features may be similar to other emails services but the creators of Gmail made sure that their system is hard to be duplicated. Here are some of the most important features of Google Mail:

Google has changed its algorithm in recent years in favor of content. However, it isn’t just purely written text that is getting traffic. In addition to written content, Google now prioritizes posts that also include photos and videos. Google ranks posts that contain relevant images better than those that only contain written texts.

According to experts, 60% of your traffic can come from images. By putting the right description, images can be found easier via image searches.


The interface of Google mail differs from other competitors for it is focusing solely on search and threading of conversations like SMS, and grouping multiple messages from two or more parties into a single space or page. The designer of Gmail’s interface was Kevin Fox made their own interface to feel like being just on the same page rather than going to several pages or tabs, making it more inconvenient and messy at the same time. Their interface also utilizes labels or tags which replace the typical folders and gives ease in fixing or organizing emails. Furthermore, filters and markers are available for automatic ordering or organization of emails, forwarding and deleting, and marking as important for user’s purposes and convenience.


the inbox of Gmail is divided into 3 tabs labeled as Primary, Social, and Promotions. Each having different functions yet similar in structure. This particular feature was implemented in the month of May 2013 but has a disable function for users who want to stick to the traditional and standard structure of their inboxes.

Spam Sifting

If a certain user is receiving unnecessary and unwanted emails from other users or pages, then the Spam filtering feature of Gmail is convenient. This feature allows the user to mark certain emails as junk or spam so that when it arrives in their mail, it will immediately be rejected and placed on the spam content of Gmail.

Google Mail Labs

The lab feature of Google mail is an experimental section that allows the users to test some unimplemented features of Gmail like undo or graduate. The engineers of Google will then be able to obtain feedback and comments from users who utilized the Google Mail Labs and use these to create a more useful feature for the users.

Search Bar

The search bar button of Gmail allows the users to locate a certain email lost by the days, using only keywords and names found in that email. It can also e used to search for contacts, files in the Google Drive, events in the Calendar, and much more above others.

Offline Access

An important feature of Google which came last August of 2011 is the Offline Access. Users who travel a lot find this feature useful. It allows them to view their emails even without an internet connection. Although, incoming emails won’t be available for the offline access.

Google Chat and Google Voice

In the Google Chat, the users are allowed to send Google Voices to other users. This service recorded over 1 million calls from all users in just a day. Due to the wide and complex system, this service was removed and replaced with Google Hangout which is a less complicated system.

Google Chat and Google Voice

In the Google Chat, the users are allowed to send Google Voices to other users. This service recorded over 1 million calls from all users in just a day. Due to the wide and complex system, this service was removed and replaced with Google Hangout which is a less complicated system.

Language Support

Mattis Marketing and Google Customer Support will always be on your back to support and aid you in times of troubles and doubts.

Google Wallet

The integration of Gmail and Google Wallet enabled the users to send money in forms of attachments.

Google Discounts

The discounts on purchasing G Suite are dependent on whether your country has multiple G Suite users at a particular point in time. Also, your G Suite will be suspended if Google monitors will see that instead of using the discounted price, you are using the regular price. Furthermore, a newly bought G suite has some promotion codes. The terms and conditions are as follows:

  • The promotion code will a one-time use
  • If customers subject the code to reuse, then they will face consequential orders
  • The promotion code is not for sale and cannot be traded to other users
  • These promotions may change value due to currency alterations and fluctuations
  • Utilizing the promotion code mean that the user full understand and agrees with the terms and conditions
  • The customer must meet some minimal requirement in order to access the code
  • The discount will be applied depending on the code
  • The promotion code will expire if not utilized immediately

In Mattis Marketing, we offer some discounts to new users of G Suite. This helps our clients lessen their billings to 20% percent per month. If you plan to buy G Suite from Mattis marketing, expect that you will have some extra discount on your first months of usage.

How to use G Suite Promo Codes

  • Sign Up or login to your G Suite Account
  • Go to the Billing section Pick from an Annual or Flexible payment plan choice
  • Enter the given promotion code Click the continue button to see the applied promo code
  • Your billing will then be directly subjected to a promo code

Facts about G Suite

  • By 2022, there will be a total of 1.2 billion G Suite users, and 695 million of them will be utilizing the cloud.
  • Google’s 4th quarter revenue for 2012 was represented by G Suite
  • More than 6000 G suite resellers (including Mattis Marketing) have been recorded to be serving government agencies, businesses, and academic institutions around the world.
  • 51% of the users of G Suite stated that the reason for their transfer to G suite is its ability to access the data from anywhere around the world.
  • More than 60% of G Suite account owners have minimized engagement with Microsoft Office.
  • Typically, a G Suite admin would keep 3 G Suite apps from 6 installations.
  • Reviews from friends and peers is the number one reason why users move up to G Suite
  • 20 million of students are using G suite for their education
  • 72 out of 100 of US Top Universities are using G suite

Why Mattis Marketing?

There are thousands of companies selling G suite to new business owners but only Mattis provides a full-time support and aid to the clients. We guarantee that our G Suite price and plans will be suitable for your business and that we will help in the installation, setup, and maintenance of your G Suite account as long as you get in touch with us. We have sold hundreds of G Suite accounts to different interested users from around the world. Our promos and discounts are the best driving force that captured the interest of our clients.