Get the best out of your sites using simple and effective SEO tactics. Learn effective techniques on how you can boost your site’s rank using Black Hat SEO.

What is Black Hat SEO?

When we talk about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the term Black Hat SEO refers to as a set of SEO techniques and tactics that increases a site or page’s rank in various search engines. These are tactics that focus only on search engines activities rather than the human spectators.

These techniques do not usually follow the guidelines set by search engines which is why these tactics can be regarded as unauthorized SEO hacks. However when used strategically, will definitely help improve the ranks of any page or site. When you build a website with SEO in mind, Black Hat SEO should be one of the tactics that you should use if you want quick returns on your websites.

Using Black Hat SEO can be risky but is effective at the same time. Since they do not follow search engines’ terms and conditions, these can possibly result to your website being banned on search engines. But for most experts who are using this SEO tactic, being banned from search engines is somewhat an irrelevant risk since the purpose of building the websites is for quick high website business returns.

Who needs Black Hat SEO?

Black Hat SEO is frequently used by those who wanted quick financial returns on their websites rather than having their websites as long- term investments. When you build a website that is intended for this purpose, this SEO tactic is one hack that you can use.

Black Hat SEO Techniques

Here are some of the Black Hat SEO techniques that you can optimize in order to increase your site’s rank in search engines:

Hidden Text
As the term suggests, hidden texts are textual concepts that visitors cannot see but are still recognized by search engines. These are identified as search spams by some major search engines.
Link Farms
Link farms are a form of index spamming on search engines. It comprises a group of websites that hyperlinks to other websites within the group in the link farm.
Paid Links
This technique requires you to purchase links for the purpose of increasing popularity and ranks in search engines.
Doorway Pages
Also known as bridge pages, these are web pages that are created as a form of index spamming on search engines by inserting search results of phrases in a page that directs the users to a different page. As the name suggests, it acts as a doorway for users to be redirected to another page. Also known as jump pages, portal pages, gateway pages and other similar terms.
Parasite Hosting
For the purpose of search engine benefit, some experts in SEO host their websites without consent on someone’s else server.

A search engine optimization tactic that presents a different content on the search engine spider compared to what is actually presented to the user’s browser.