Build A Website With SEO In Mind

Why build a website with SEO in mind? If you are building a website from scratch, it is important that you have the insight to make it rank on the first result page of search engines. It is important that your on page SEO and your off page SEO strategies are working hand in hand.

What is SEO?

SEO is the organic method of using search engine algorithm to your favor. When used properly, the website can rank on the first page of the most commonly used search terms of your market. This strategy has allowed even small companies to compete against firms with larger marketing and advertising budgets.

When used the right way, it allows small companies to be seen first by their audience. Not only does it help improve traffic, it even affects how your market sees your company. Even small companies can be viewed as the market leader when SEO strategies are used the right way.

Why make SEO a priority?

Why make SEO a priority exactly? You want to make SEO a priority because it can help your website’s exposure.

Did you know that 8 out of 10 Google users don’t go to the second search result page? That means you are already losing a significant number of visitors just by not being on the first page of the search result. That’s the harsh reality that every business should face.

Why get professional help?

Can you improve your company’s ranking by yourself? Why exactly do you need professionals to take care of your SEO needs?

It is important that you get professional help if you plan on building a website that is also SEO savvy. Google and other search engines constantly make updates to their algorithms that make SEO tricky. That means some practices are no longer an ideal strategy of ranking your website.


It is important to have the right keywords to use in order rank well in your niche. Should you use highly competitive keywords simply because it has a good number of searches every month? These days, it has become a practice to use long-tail keywords together with other keywords. These are keywords that are usually underutilized despite the fact that they are commonly used.


In the past, backlinks were the most important concern that can make a website rank. These days, though it has been reduced in terms of importance, link building is still an integral aspect of modern SEO strategy. But unlike before, it is important that the link to SEO page comes from a reputable source. It is also just as important that it is done organically, or else suffer the consequences and even get de-indexed.

Among the most commonly used strategies in modern link building includes sharing links on social media platforms. It is also possible to gain high-quality backlinks by using guest bloggers.

Content is king

Google developed an algorithm that now has the ability to decipher whether or not your content is high-quality or not. Building your website shouldn’t just be about the aesthetics if you want to prioritize your website’s ranking.

Content should be crafted with the goal to inform your audience. It should be helpful to visitors in order to reach the top of the search result page. In addition to this, a content strategy should also include regularly published blogs.

Mobile-first Design

Web design isn’t exactly just graphic design that focuses mainly on aesthetics. Industry standard today when it comes to building websites should be mobile-first. The number of people using their mobile devices increased rapidly over the years. In fact, some studies agree that there are more people using the internet on their mobile device than their desktops.

It is important that the website is going to fit into smaller screens in order to rank on both mobile and desktop result pages. Google has prioritized ranking mobile friendly websites, especially on mobile search results. That simply means you can lose traffic by having a web design that can’t adapt to different screens sizes.


Aside from performing the necessary SEO strategy on your website, it is also important to provide reports that track your website’s overall performance. You’ll be able to monitor if you are getting the right traffic and find out more about the attitude of your audience.