Content Writing

Content writing plays a significant role on how websites are going to rank. Content is considered king by marketers in today’s digital marketing world.

Ever wondered why some sites rank and why some sites don’t? One of the most common reasons is their content writing strategy. Since Google updated its algorithm, websites with highly informative content has gotten the upper hand in search results. And it totally makes sense. Professionals and companies that build a website with SEO in mind pay close attention to areas where they can insert written texts. As general rule of thumb, the more content found in your page, the better it is.

Different levels of content

There are different types of content that you can enjoy. Different contents can be utilized on your site’s homepage to your site’s subpages. Blogs are more than just online journals in today’s time. In fact, companies make use of blogs in order to attract the attention of potential clients that may stumble upon their content. News articles, press release, or white paper are just some of the most common content that are included on their blog section.

There are different levels of content that you can utilize on your site. It can be loosely defined as on-page and off-page content. On-page content pertains to any type of content that you produce within your site. On the other hand, if you will think of SEO, it is not just the content found within your site that is important. Your off-page content also plays a huge role in contributing to your site’s ranking. It can be a source of quality backlink.

These days, there are also websites that pay close attention to mixing both written and visual content. There are those that have invested highly on using infographics on their blogs in order to let readers digest the information easily.

Whatever it is though, it is crucial that the content has been crafted with one thing in mind which is to provide information to your audience.

Different types of content may have different effects in your overall digital marketing campaigns. However, longer content has been seen more important in today’s World Wide Web. As Google favors long and highly informative content, you can see a lot of long form contents end up on top of search result pages.

Importance of content

Just how important is content today? Just imagine yourself as an internet user trying to find information that you want. What Google did after Panda and Penguin updates is to make sure that people get relevant content. And this is the reason why sites that have prioritized backlinks in the past have even suffered from these updates.

Content is important since it provides the information needed by the person browsing the World Wide Web. And for this reason, it has become the most important factor in ranking websites. If you have SEO in mind, it is a good idea to prioritize the schedule and the quality of content that you produce.

Content can also help you get the backlinks that you need. Your content can be used by other websites in their blogs. And if you are getting the attention of highly reputable websites, this can give your site the boost that it needs in terms of ranking.

Content can also help extend your network on social media. As your content goes viral, your company can be introduced to potentially new customers. And since it has the ability to get the attention of readers, it can also help improve your overall social media marketing performance.

For obvious reasons, high quality content can also help deliver traffic to your site. Because the site could potentially appear on the first search result page, this can attract more people to visit the website. And ultimately, what it does is give the website the opportunity to gain more constant visitors.

Another reason to take your content seriously is the fact that it can potentially raise the value of your website at least in the eyes of your market. According to online marketing experts, websites that have produced quality content consistently have been viewed as a leader in their industry.

And this isn’t something that is surprising. Websites that have constantly produced content that people love to read are most likely gaining followers and could even have more consistent visitors.

A lot of companies make use of content as their primary online marketing method for very practical reasons. One of which is that it is easy to create content especially if you are dealing with a limited budget. It is cost-efficient in terms of the exposure that it can provide its visitors. It doesn’t require a good amount of marketing budget, but simply having a deep understanding of what you are going to discuss on your content.

Also, there are tools that can be used in order to help improve content. There are various apps and software that can help in proofreading today. This means that you can expect the highest quality of work from freelancers or from digital marketing agencies that are providing copywriting services.

Another thing that makes content a valuable tool today is the fact that you can use it to influence your consumer’s behavior. Given the tough markets that some companies are involved in, it takes more than just a photo to convince someone to buy from you or to take your company’s services. Instead, it is important to have the right words to make sure that there is emphasis on all the good things about your business or about the products and services that you offer.

It is a typical move of many websites to also make use of call-to-action to lead their prospect customers to avail of what they are offering. And in reality, you don’t have to be selling anything in order to maximize the use of quality content with call-to-action by the end. There are those sites that can increase the number of people that subscribe to their email list using this method.

There are countless benefits of having valuable content in your site. This is especially true today that people want to gain access on information fast. Websites that don’t produce the content needed by their niche usually suffer from low traffic or even high bounce rates. Getting the help of content strategists can help make a huge difference.

Ultimately, a site’s content can dictate its value in the eyes of its market. This is the same logic used by Google why it wants to prioritize ranking pages with high quality content. By taking your content marketing strategy seriously, it is even possible to dictate your market and even become the market leader.

Making an impact on your written content

It is important that businesses and professionals know exactly how to make an impact when it comes to making written content. If you are wondering about the reason why your content isn’t getting the hits that you are expecting despite providing high quality information, it is time to reassess a couple of things.

First, you would want to reassess your timing. If you are going to write about a certain topic that is time-sensitive, it is a must that you publish your content at the right time. This is among the most basic rules of having viral content.

For some websites, it is a must to do some research in order to have an idea about the most talked about discussions in the niche. A lot of businesses read the news while others make use of Reddit. By doing so, it is even possible to be the first to publish the content making your site enjoy the most traffic in case your content goes viral.

Next, it is also important to have the right voice when creating your own content. This allows the website to actually enjoy the engagement from the niche. In some occasions, content typically sounds too formal and too intimidating. One strategy that can be used is to ask questions from your readers. Asking them about their opinion by the end of the content can help get more people to share and comment on the content that you’ve written.

The voice should dictate the tone of your content. Should it be serious or should it be a bit casual? You will have to refer to your own branding if ever you wish to get the best results.

It is also important to choose the right keywords that you wish to include in your site. One problem that web owners fail to recognize is that they are using the same keywords repeatedly in their contents. Instead, it is important to utilize the other keywords. Typically, it is suggested to take a closer look at long-tail keywords.

Long-tail keywords are usually better than highly competitive keywords when integrated in your content for several reasons. One, highly competitive keywords tend to give new sites a difficult time to rank. In addition to this, there are a lot of older and more reputable sites that have already been using these keywords. Long-tail keywords, on the other hand, can provide you with a decent traffic but without the competition expected from short ones. It is also a reality that people using long-tail keywords are already more than willing to make the purchase.

Since Google made the Penguin update, websites could easily be penalized for repeatedly using same keywords. Mixing long tail keywords in your content can help give your site the edge against other websites in terms of SEO. This means that mixing long tail keywords can help give Google the impression that your site isn’t spamming.

Another important tip that you should remember when it comes to content strategy is to integrate relevant headers when it comes to writing your content. This allows your readers to understand when a new discussion is being tackled within your content. In addition to this, it makes the content more engaging making the entire content easier to understand.

And also, it is a usual practice among content writers to think of titles that can immediately grab the attention of the potential readers. Some may consider click-bait strategies while others will typically stick towards informative news headers. Whether or not to include click-bait titles should be based on how you made your website. For companies that are doing content writing to improve their overall reputation, this practice should only be done cautiously.

Linking to other websites should also be a practice when it comes to writing your content. This allows the readers to take a closer look at other discussions written by other websites in order to understand what you actually mean. This practice can also be a good thing for your SEO.

Incorporating other forms of content

Other than your written content, it is also important to know the possibility of using other forms of contents. In particular, visual content has become just as important as its written counterpart. According to studies, humans retain more information when combined with visual content.

The good news is that it is possible to incorporate visual content together with your written content. Photos are constantly being used with written contents in order to make the content more engaging.

Also, there are those that explore the use of video marketing. With the emergence of sites such as YouTube and Vimeo, it becomes possible to offer high quality visual contents in form of HD videos. Embedding videos in your written content can make a huge difference.

Taking your content writing strategy seriously

Taking your content writing strategy seriously is a must. Websites can’t survive without producing content that is valuable to their audience. Over the years, the significance of written content has become even more apparent especially after how Google is ranking websites using its current algorithm.

As rule of thumb, be sure that you get the help of professional content writers if you have no training whatsoever in doing copywriting. These days, it takes more than just copywriting skills in order to have a successful content strategy. It is a must that the copywriter is experienced in SEO in order to take the necessary steps that can also help optimize the content.