The internet is considered as the largest business platform. Using Google emails for business is the most imperative action that a business owner should do.

Setting up G Suite

Gmail is one of G Suite’s available features along with some other important products and software developed by Google. G Suite is an integration and implementation of the business platform of Google including Documents, Analytics, Google Mail, etc. Bringing the innovation and power of Google to your own business is now made possible with Mattis Marketing’s G Suite accounts. Business who directly buys their own accounts in Google or in other web hosting companies ends up not knowing what to do. Mattis Marketing will install, guide, and support you in upgrading your business email. If you have hesitations of purchasing our G Suite Accounts, then you might want to look at how complex the set up of this account. But before that, you need to know first the products offered in purchasing G Suite, which is as followed:
Gmail is an email service that goes together with G Suite. It has over a billion of users utilizing it for business, academics, and communicating related purposes. Gmail is very popular among users of its large storage capacity of 15 GB per user as well as its threaded dialogue and firm searching capabilities. Although Gmail is a free email service, open to every user, purchasing G Suite from us gives Gmail some additional features like:
  • Own domain name in your email address (instead of, you can have your email address as
  • 100% uptime with no possible maintenance downtime making it accessible to users 24/7
  • Increase the amount of storage capacity depending on the plan you are paying. Matting Marketing will provide you with the best plan depending on what type of business you have
  • Full-time email and phone support
Google Drive
Google Drive is the place where larger files are sent, stored, and kept. Your files will now be sync to any of your mobile devices for more convenience. You can now upload any type of file to the drive and access them on any laptop, computer, etc. The additional futures of Google Drive designed for business are:
  • Thirty or Unlimited Storage Capacity depending on the plan you are paying.
  • Advanced authority controls
  • Reporting insights and audits for Drive sharing and content
Google Plus

Google+ is one of Google’s social networking and computing services. Business owners use it in discussing among his or her member's important matters that need discussing. Google Plus is a more private version of Facebook and any other social networking platforms. Those who can access this are people invited by the owners themselves. The additional features offered after purchasing G suite are:

  • Developed privacy and admin controls
  • Community restrictions
Google Docs, Slides, Forms, and Sheets
Google Docs are word processors, Google Sheets are for spreadsheets, and Google Slides are for presentation programs made for the user’s convenience. These three are integrated into to the drive and allows the users to edit and view documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in their browser or smartphones. Buying G Suite will give you unlimited revision history for these Apps.
Google Sites

Google Sites is one of Google’s creation tools that lets the users create and edit their own websites even without further knowledge of site creation. Mattis Marketing also provides a Graphic design service for your website in case you need one. Google Site are only accessible with a G Suite purchase.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is obviously and an online calendar made by Google for users to keep track of their activities. Email messages can directly access Google Calendar for convenience. Purchasing G suite adds these special features:

  • Smart Schedule
  • Public Calendars
  • Calendar incorporation with Google Sites
  • Users vision ability on available resources and meeting rooms

Google Hangouts was a replacement for Google Chat or Google Talk. Hangout is a less complex system of sending voice messages and calls to other users. Additional features from the purchase of G suite are:

  • Screen sharing
  • Intelligent Muting (mutes unnecessary noises in the background)
  • Automatic Focus on the person talking in the video call
  • Google Calendar Integration
  • Admin Controls (ejecting noisy and unwanted participants)
  • Status Messages
Google Keep

Google keep is helpful for secretaries in taking notes about meeting in forms of texts, voices, lists, or images. Google Keep has just been part of G Suite last February 2017 and offers this business related feature:

  • Google Docs integration that allows the users to take notes even while viewing a document on the web.
Google Vault

Google Vaults function as an archive or library of important information generated from your company. This product is only available upon purchasing G Suite. It allows the users to manage and save their messages and easily search for them.

Setting Up

After purchasing G Suite from Mattis Marketing USA, you have two possible options. First is to incorporate your domain name and some extra integration matters on your own or let us do it for you. With some extra charges (minimal and negligible amount), Mattis Marketing will set up your G Suite for you. If you pick the former, then here is how to set it up.

Step 1: Terms and Services of Google

The very first step into the setting is to be knowledgeable of the terms and services of Google. As business owners, it is important that you should read the agreements made by Google to avoid conflicts between other parties.

The terms and services are agreements that Google provide which includes the limitations and the extent of the service. You cannot purchase and access G Suite if you fail to do this step of the setup

Step 2: Domain Verification

TPurchasing G Suite from Mattis Marketing and using our Nameservers will automatically verify your own domain in order for you to utilize your G Suite. However, if you directly buy it from Google, you need to verify it manually which is an extra effort. The manual verification requires the help of your DNS provider for domain ownership. A Name and a CNAME value will be given to you on the second step of the setup.

If you purchase our G Suite, you will save enough time in verification for we will assist you with the creation of important DNS records. Also, domain verification failure may occur during manual verification. This error results from an ongoing update of name servers and records of cache on the web using the DNS information of your website. In some cases where all records and names have entirely propagated yet the verification of your domains still fails, you need to follow some alternative method of verification which will consume a lot of your time.

Step 3: DNS Record Set Up

DNS records are required so that the routing for that domain of all email addresses will be changed. Two important and required records are:

  • Google MX Record- this entries route your own email to a particular server. These information needs to be updated so that you can take advantage of all G Suite Application.
  • Google SPF Record- this record will prevent trash or spam messages from sending email on behalf of your own domain using and administrative DNS.

After this, you are all ready to venture out the business emailing service along with extra applications suitable for any type of business. With Mattis Marketing’s help and support to our valued customers, you can let away with all the hassles and leave it all to us.