Now that we know the different factors that can contribute to a product’s ranking on Amazon, it is a good idea to have a strategy that can give your products an edge over others.

Include the necessary descriptions

The first thing that you have to remember is to have the right keywords and descriptions related to the product you are selling. It is no longer necessary that you include the keywords twice.

Also, keep in mind that it is important to have the right kind of format. You don’t want it in paragraph form, but rather in bullet form.

Get the right photos

In order to convert your traffic, it is crucial to have high-quality images that go with the products that you are selling. Since zoom has been proven to improve sales, it is encouraged that you stick with photos that have larger than 1000x1000 resolution since this allows the users to look closer at the items.

Be smart with your pricing

Pricing is yet another factor that is looked closely by your potential market. However, it is just as important to take a closer look at your competitors. Because of this, it is important to incorporate a pricing software which can allow the products to float around a competitive price dependent on the price of other players in the market.

Have a strong backend

The front end is just as important as your backend. It is important to have the necessary tools that tell you when you are running out of products in your inventory. In addition to this, prevent your customers from getting angry. You can outsource customer support to other parts of the world, or simply answer the emails.

Think outside the box

Lastly, you need to think outside the box by using reviews and buying guides that rank well in Google. This way, you are utilizing Google in generating leads.

You can also make use of affiliate marketing which can help increase your sales by incentivizing authors that have a strong opinion in the niche you are involved in.

It is also a good idea to run a separate website dedicated to the niche which you are involved in. This way, you control everything that is written in it. You can regularly post content that can help generate traffic and eventually readership which can become your customers.

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