How to Fix Online Reputation

There are three common online reputation problems that can possibly affect any business: a bad review, negative search engine results, and social media mistakes.

Online reviews are a vital part of every consumer’s buying experience and getting it is important to prove that your company is trustworthy and is worth investing in. A bad review usually results in a poor rating that is visible when your company is searched in online directories like Yelp and other rating platforms.

Getting low ratings result to negative feedback however it can still be corrected. This problem can be corrected by getting more positive feedback or reviews so that the star rating on these rating platforms can eventually increase. When that happens, the negative search results can become positive.

There are a number of techniques that can be used to fix these online reputation problems. Here are some that can be done to solve it:

  • Negotiate directly to remove problem from the source
  • Making negative content unreadable by search engines
  • Improve online reviews
  • Move negative results from the first pages of search pages

Negative search results are caused by articles, news, blogs or rating sites that are out of control by getting positive reviews. If someone Google’s about your company and if the searches on the first page are negative, there is definitely a high chance for people to decide not to have any business with you– this qualifies to a damaged reputation already which is why you need to fix it sooner than later.