Just how important are Instagram likes in today’s online marketing world? Is it really valuable especially for entrepreneurs targeting the young demographic?

Why exactly is Instagram Important?

Visual storytelling has been perfectly done by Instagram. With both photos and videos, it has become one of the most popular social media platforms and has attracted a good number of users.

There are hundreds of millions of active Instagram users worldwide. According to studies, the majority of its users are from the younger demographic. 75% of Instagram users are between 15 to 35 years old according to a data collected in 2015.

Part of the reason why Instagram matters is the fact that it grabs the attention of its users at any given time of the day. An estimated 69% of millennials check their Instagram accounts at home. 33% check their Instagram accounts when they wake up, while 39% check their Instagram account when they are about to fall asleep.

Used for online marketing

Instagram is a powerful online marketing tool. It can be equally important as SEO content writing, and Facebook marketing. What Instagram offers is a platform that is potentially better than Facebook in getting the news about your company.

According to research, Instagram users are 58 times more likely to like and comment on a brand’s post than Facebook users. This means that Instagram has its own potential in spreading the word towards your audience.

This high engagement rate helps businesses to attract more potential audience especially those that like similar posts. This high engagement rate of Instagram is what makes it a great lead generation tool. When combined with hashtags, and adding locations, it is possible to specifically target your market.

For some brands, it has even allowed them to make use of Instagram influencers that can give a massive referral traffic to their Instagram profile. These Instagram influencers reach hundreds of thousands of related audience in a single post.

Boost your following organically

If you have an Instagram account, it is crucial that you don’t just buy likes. It defeats the purpose of Instagram if you get an audience that isn’t really interested in what you are offering. It is important to target relevant users that are potentially your target market.

That’s where our services enter. Not only do we make sure that you expand your Instagram likes, we also craft ways on how you can compete using visual storytelling. Also, in order to make your Instagram profile gain followers, it is crucial to be active in your account. Aside from scheduling your posts, it is also important to create the right caption to tell the story. It can also be helpful to find accounts of people who could probably be your target audience and simply like their posts or even follow their Instagram accounts.

They say that a picture paints a thousand words. And this is true. Instagram allows users to process information easier with pictures and videos. However, don’t forget the fact that you can add captions that can even say your intention. You can even include a call-to-action which can get users to your website.