News articles, press releases, newsletters, daily newspapers and etc. contains information that needs to reach the public. This is why it needs optimization!

With our ever-advancing technology, people find themselves rushing to keep up and adapt to the accelerating pace of technology—shops puts up online store counterparts of their products; businesses are mostly transacted online; advertisements are made in social medias; people are recruited and hired from their profiles; and much more. Also, gone are the days where most people prefer to huddle in a newsstand to read the daily newspaper since news are already accessible online which is more convenient, efficient and hassle-free. With just some tap or clicks on a computer or a handheld, voila! your latest celebrity gossips, movie updates, weather conditions, sports and entertainment news, job posting and latest news are already made available for the comfort of wherever you prefer you do your reading.

Through advancements in our technologies and social developments, news can spread more rapidly. However, this does not mean that things are made easier for news and media companies. This means that the play table is notched up a little more on the difficult level—competition for coverage is tougher. The internet is a vast, vast realm. For every single search topic, there are thousands or even millions of sites and pages that tackle it. With this number of competitions, your page has to surface from among the competitors. It has to make itself visible.


News contains a discussion of current or recent events which centers on general topics such as in daily newspapers or specific topics such as club newsletters, stock updates, news feature, lifestyle, sports, and etc. The function of news is to bring information to the people. In other words, the news is only successful if it reaches the ears (or eyes) of the public. If your news articles, press releases, news sites do not reach the public, is it just right to label it as “news”? Is it even worthy of its title?

News not delivered, heard or read by the people defeats the purpose of news which is to bring information and entertainment to the public. And with the challenging competition for visitors on the internet, this poses a dilemma. But this is no biggie. Through our off page Search Engine Optimization (SEO), this difficulty is the least of their problems.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process which employs techniques and tactics in order to gain a top placement in a search engine. Mattis Marketing USA is a company that offers excellent and over-the-top SEO services. Through relevant keywords, the search engine (yahoo, bing, google, etc.) will evaluate which site or page is more relevant among others. From this, a page’s or site’s placement in the search result will be determined.

Search engines work to provide searchers the best correct results. It is done by processes of crawling and indexing. In this process, the most relevant links for what the user searched on the search engine is determined, then displayed on the results page. From this, we can employ ways to optimize your page or website such that it becomes “more” visible among the competitors (sites or pages with the same relevant link other than yours).


SEO is the “right hand” of news articles, press releases, newsletters, daily newspapers, and etc. It ensures that the function of news which is to deliver information to the public is successfully executed. In Mattis Marketing USA, we fully understand the value of news articles, press releases and news sites. Mattis Marketing USA also acknowledges the invaluable information that needed to be disseminated to the public for their own knowledge and guidance are considered by news publishers as top-priority.


The internet as a medium of disseminating news to the public is quite a fearsome adversary. However, if timed properly, it can be a powerful asset to attaining wider coverage. Mattis Marketing aims to unleash what powers the internet can offer, and bring them to your favor. So, what can our company guarantee once you avail of our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services?


News writing is no joke. Mattis Marketing USA acknowledges and recognizes the efforts and resources expended on creating news article. Every ounce of dedication and hard work of writers and news publishers is expressed on news article for the reason and objective of giving information to the public. Let invaluable information not go to waste by optimizing your news in order for it to reach your readers. Newsworthiness is the element that makes a piece of article or scoop that has enough interest to the public. This element is always what is focused on by journalists and news publishers: “It has to be newsworthy”. However, newsworthiness is purely subjective. What may be newsworthy to a person or a group of people, may not be newsworthy to another. And Mattis Marketing USA believes that all news articles, press releases, and news features, considered newsworthy to a person or a group of people or not, are all publishable on the internet since the internet is the medium for all information. We never know who needs to know your news article. With SEO, newsworthiness will not be a primary consideration anymore because it will guarantee that it WILL reach your desired audience—we just need to tweak and add some keywords.


In tradition, people who search for news first pick a publication then search for the news title that they want to read. Now, it has changed. It is now the other way around with Google News site. Headlines and topics according to their relatedness and similarity are gathered and grouped from different news sources and tailor them according to the news reader’s customized interests. News articles, press releases and news sites are ranked according to their degree of relatedness to the searched words. This ranking is what appears in the Google search results page after the search has been entered into the search bar. Relatedness according to keywords is not the only thing considered in the ranking of news articles by Google News Site—location, page often viewed by users online, originality, legitimacy, what is recent and up-to-date, relevance and diversity.

This new feature of Google provides business opportunities to publishers for every certain number of visitors they get. And as expected, it’s a tough competition out there— about 50,000 publishers are competing for high ranks in the Google search result page to garner a lot of clicks convertible to earnings. How did they do it? No other than SEO. Publishers employ tactics to optimize and increase traffic from Google news.

To understand how Search Engine Optimization work to increase traffic from Google news and also on determining which optimizing techniques and tactics to employ, we will embark on the process on how Google news will discover and select your rank. First, Google looks for news articles through the use of News Bots. The gathered news articles are then brought back to Google’s database to be grouped according to the category of the topic it falls on through the keywords on the website or page content and location. 

The grouped stories are then ranked among each other according to which topic will spark more human interest; then finally articles on every cluster are ranked according to measured parameters which are originality, relatedness, legitimacy and recentness.

The last process, article writing is mostly what is modified during Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Mattis Marketing USA employs guaranteed effective techniques and tactics to ensure your news article a higher placing in Google news ranking. This, in turn, secures your website and page visitors, bringing you more earnings. Also, through optimizing your news articles and news sites, your domain authority page authority and linking root domains will have great scores, depicting a high online coverage. These three elements: page authority, website authority, and linking root domains are the most important and are monitored closely in order to determine and make sure you get your message out there as possible. Mattis Marketing USA tweaks and modifies as much as things workable for maximum optimization.


As aforementioned earlier, news needed to be read or heard, in some cases. News not heard or read is not worthy of its title for it defeats the purpose of “news” which is to deliver information to the receiving end: the public or the people. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), therefore is the bridge that will connect news articles further to places and to people. The longer the length of the bridge, the farther the destination it can reach. The same applies for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The more time invested, strategies employed and the more in-depth the manipulations on influencing the output from the four processes of Google news site ranking: Crawling, Grouping, New Cluster Ranking and Article Ranking; the further the message your article wishes to expose will reach. In other words, the larger your news coverage will be.

Also, more visitors will get you more earnings in Google news. However, not all news article get into Google news. This is why we need optimization: to get into Google news, earn from clicks, and build a reputation. Aside from earnings, Google pays per click into your news article, press releases and news site, there is another essential reason why publishers race to be indexed into Google news—over 60% of people trust Google news over the news Originators. This amount of trust is important to keep the business of publishers breathing. Together with traffic, reputation, and earnings, news readers’ trust opens up greater business value.

Although being indexed in Google news is a priority and a smart strategy to improve business, Our company’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service does not only limit in being indexed in Google news. But also we optimize your page in other search engines (e.g. yahoo, bing). Through this, we can bring more news readers to your site, setting the seal on getting your message as far as possible.

Furthermore, employing the use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in news articles, press releases, and news sites does not only benefit the journalists and publishers themselves but also the receiving end which comprises of the people. Through SEO, people can get access to updated news according to what they want to read. Without optimized sites and pages, it will be a hard time for the valuable audience to reach your site. For example, a loyal news reader of your newspaper wants to locate a certain news on the internet. Without optimizing your site, your loyal news readers might be directed to other news sites covering the same topic as yours. Since your competitor’s site is more accessible because of a high rank in the search engine results page, your loyal news reader might switch to other news company other than yours. This will be such a waste and we don’t like that to happen, right?

In addition, through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) writers need not worry about content marketing. The audience will be drawn by themselves as long as they search the related keywords; and the news article, press releases and news sites are at a high ranking in the search engine results page.