Do you run a website but have not found the right Off-Page SEO solution that could give it a boost? Time to give your website the exposure it so deserves.

Off-page SEO basics

Essentially, Off-Page SEO involves a set of processes that are undertaken outside of a website with the end in view of optimizing it. By deduction, all else that doesn’t fall within the purview of On-page SEO is found in the bucket of Off-page SEO. The widely-used ones which we also specialize in include link building and social media marketing – developing an online awareness of your brand among people who need or have an interest in your product.

Why it is important to website owners

Why is Off-Page SEO as valuable as On-Page SEO? Here are top three reasons from your perspective as a website owner:

First and foremost, Off-page SEO pushes your website high up in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). When you are up there, it is highly likely that your site will be getting the kind of traffic it deserves. Another noteworthy reason is that it enables you to increase your page rank. Thanks to the founders of Google who have devised a system that allows any user to view outcomes of a particular search, from the most relevant down to the not-so-relevant ones. While page rank is just one of the myriad of factors that could influence page ranking, still it has its place in the rankings game. Finally, have you noticed why some celebrities get more offers to appear in all forms of media ads? Exposure has got a lot to do with it. When your site is ranking high up there, it will get more natural links. More users will be visiting your site and still a lot more will mention you in various social media posts. Of course, aside from exposure, it matters too to have a credible site.

It is pretty much analogous to those who advertise in billboards. The higher the billboard, the better it is seen. Think about the number of commuters who will see that billboard on any given day. The one that is strategically located (the one with the unobstructed view) will get noticed by many. In terms of page rank, this simply means that if yours is strategically positioned (i.e., among the topmost), it is highly plausible for your website to get the amount of traffic and exposure you are aiming for.

Quality versus Quantity

For this reason, a lot has been focusing on generating as many links just to get higher rankings. However, do remember that there are guidelines to follow when making one. To create a good link, focus on quality rather than on quantity. What is meant by this is that while quantity matters, it is more vital and effective to put more weight on where the links are coming from.

For instance, you are running a blog about Southern comfort food recipes you have had for generations. You have been getting likes and many have linked to your website because of these recipes. But an upcoming celebrity chef happened to like one of your recipes too and has referenced that particular blog to her website. That lone link can create a huge impact on your website rankings. Who else is pointing to your website? Is it Paula Deen this time? This is a vital question worth pondering on.

For obvious reasons, you would probably be wondering right now how you would be able to get such links. How can you get credible websites to like your site and link theirs with yours? The path is never easy but, it pays off once you have succeeded in link building. But you have to start somewhere.

We, at Mattis Marketing, are experts in Off-Page SEO. And if you are raring to give your website that much-needed boost, you can start with us.

The tried and tested road, the one that Mattis Marketing recommends is to create natural links. If you found a certain site very helpful, your tendency is to keep on going back to the site and maybe link to it at some future time. This natural link building will work the same way for you too. It is no secret. When you publish an informative, helpful article about a specific niche, it will more likely attract links from like-minded people. This is because these people find the article quite helpful and would like other readers to benefit from it, in the same way, that he (the website owner linking to your site) did.

Guest postings

You can also be more active by accepting invitations to post as a guest. For instance, you are a professional rescuer and you were invited by a colleague running a first-aid site to publish your experiences as a rescuer. We can help you share your experiences and tips to lay rescuers who are aspiring to become a certified professional like you. This is a valid and practical approach to building links to your site. .

Through off-site SEO, we can help you transform your website into a useful, credible, and soon a high ranking site. We can help you get the links your site deserves. Moreover, once we have done our job, expect to get noticed in social media. Pretty soon, you will discover that many have liked your Facebook page and have started tweeting about your site for days.

Doing it right

The value of Off-page SEO can never be understated. It is as vital as On-site SEO. Link building is one important tool. However, be wary of taking the easier path because most likely, these ones could lead you downhill.

We can help you get links from the more difficult but relevant sites as they will offer more value to you as website owner. Having a successful SEO campaign doesn’t happen overnight. You have to work hard and put in a good deal of effort. If you feel that you need and expert to do it for you, by all means, get one. We have worked with numerous website owners from various sectors and so far we have received very good feedback from our clients.

We see to it that everything is done the right way. We will promote your website, driving traffic using the natural approach. By doing so, we help others too by delivering informative and authoritative content with our wide base of stock knowledge and experiences.

With the right Off-page SEO techniques, you get the website boost you need and all else will come into place.