Being in business today requires online presence and with the right on page SEO technique, you too can be the dominant force to reckon with. Find out how.

Your business may be a few years old but since day one, you have dreamt of making it big one day. Promoting your business online and reaching out to as many potential clients could help make it a reality. How could you create a strong presence with so many competitors?

On-Page SEO is one solution. It could help you boost your ranking and help you make your mark in your particular niche. When you create informative and useful content for anyone who reads your material, optimizes and promotes it, this is basically doing SEO. But what is On-Page SEO? How can it help your business?

On-Page SEO is essential for any business brand. When used strategically, it generates wide acceptance of your business website. Both viewers and search engines will come to recognize your website as a credible source of information. Consequently, as your viewership grows your business brand benefits from the tremendous exposure.

How it is used

Using the correct keywords, key phrases, and tags are some of the basics of On-Page optimization. These are used by search engines as bases for ranking websites, including yours. According to a survey, most business leads are generated from the world-wide-web. After all, this is where online searches take place every day. So if you have good On-Page SEO techniques in place, you up your chances of getting a higher ranking. Search engines won’t weed you out when searching for a particular subject within your niche because you used the relevant keywords and phrases in your content.

A closer look at keywords

To be successful in On-Page optimization, you should pay particular attention to the keywords that you choose. This is actually one of the most crucial decisions you are going to make. Keyword gurus advise the use of single words and short phrases (up to four) when cooking up keywords that best describe what your business is all about.

These keyword phrases are also referred to as long-tail. Those engaged in online marketing agree that these phrases will boost your chances of getting discovered by your target market. This is because these phrases are more specific and more personalized. It helps a potential client find you in an instant because the keyword phrase you used is exactly what they used when searching online. For instance, a direct competitor used the keywords “Maryland Therapist” on her website. You, on the other hand, key in “Maryland ADHD Therapist”. In the first example, the business owner would generate leads but will put her in competition with the rest of therapists in the area. Whereas in the second example, the business leads that you get are filtered, quality leads because you have indicated your area of expertise which, in this case, ADHD patients. It is important to put yourself in your audience’s shoes. Ask yourself which keywords a potential client would use when searching for your product or service.

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Here’s a sound advice about keywords. Do not rely too heavily on it and overlook the other components of a successful on-site SEO. While the use of keywords still works, you should be using a mix of all the SEO elements.

What makes a worthy content

Content is king so they say. But do you know that nowadays, search engines are moving towards good reads that have more depth and length? Long form content is what’s getting more attention and more weight. It is also possible that despite publishing content on a regular basis you are not getting the rankings you think you should get. You may not realize it but the content you’re feeding your viewers are too short and sadly quite generic. It is high time to reorganize your content. What should you keep in mind while doing a revamp? Write valuable and informative blog posts with no less than 1,000 words. About 1,500-word blogs are highly recommended. .

What else should be done to engage readers? Unfortunately, there are niches that have been flooded with so many articles on the web. Too much has been written about these topics that it may be difficult to think of other ways to get the interest of readers. What can be done? The way to go is to think of ways that could set your content writing apart and yet provide as much information. Find your own voice. Sometimes, just writing from a different perspective could offer the distinction you are looking for. This could spark renewed interest among readers looking for more interesting thoughts about your topic.

Structure, speed, and security

It’s been proven that content matters more than anything else. It should be shareable and worth the experience among viewers. But this isn’t enough. There are other components of on-site optimization that shouldn’t be neglected. A short discussion of these three other elements follows.

Your viewers should feel at ease when navigating within your site. Websites must have the appeal of a well-organized site. Menus and submenus should be well-positioned, making it easy for any user to move around. Avoid putting links all over your page. Pages that should be present include About Us, Contact, and Services, among others. No matter how well written and informative your content is, a website that is unprofessional and disorganized may mean disaster could affect your ranking negatively.

Another on-site optimization element that should be paid attention to is fixing site load time. Optimize by keeping your caching system clean and always remove unnecessary clutter. Try to avoid posting huge images as well. These practices will help boost the speed of your site. Remember, with advancement comes the need for more speed with almost everything that needs to be done.

Site security is becoming more and more valuable with the passage of time. It has also come out as a new ranking factor by search engines. Those having SSL encryption are better positioned than those without the necessary encryption.

The bottom line

Don’t leave out keywords but try not to dwell too much on these. Instead, turn your sights to the more important on-page SEO element – an awesome content that gives value to your viewers. While it is true that the appropriate keyword could help others find you and your business with ease and speed, SEO strategies that focus too much on these won’t be good for your brand eventually. .

Whenever you publish content on your site, always keep in mind the value it gives to your viewers. When you have them at the back of your mind, your site transcends to a high-quality one that deserves a top ranking.

Collaborating with Mattis Marketing

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