You should know how Google see your PBNs so that you won’t get devalued and all your efforts will just turn into dust. So here’s a list to avoid being a target of Google:

You should have unique Nameservers

Be sure that each of your domain has different nameservers so Google will not notice that all your domains are associated. If some of your domains share the same nameserver, be sure that the nameserver is from popular hosting companies that use thousands of legit domains.

You should have unique SOA email addresses

Be sure to have different SOA email address for each PBN domains because this is Google’s other way of tracking PBNs.

Do not buy cheap hosts

Most of the popular and cheap PBN hosts have a high percentage of deindexed domains hosted on them.

Benefits of Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO)

1. Better Return On Investment (ROI) compared to ads

One of the greatest things SEO has to offer is that it increases your ROI. Having an SEO is better than settling for a paid ad because Google gets people who searched for the tag in your site-- people who are actually looking for your products and/or services. Now, if you compare that to paid ads, many people may accidently hit the ad and have really no intention of going to your site and that means no sales.

2. It has Permanent Results

If you get to the first spot in the ranking, you just need to maintain that position without much cost. Unlike in the paid ads, you should really pay for it so you can continue their services.

3. Increase in Traffic

Let’s say you are already using SEO, chances are you are in the top rank of Google search. That means more people will be going to your website. With more people visiting your site, you will see the increase of traffic (and your sales) by using some tools to track it.

4. Save You More Money and Effort

Since SEO marketing strategy targets those people who are actively searching for your product and/or services, this will save you a lot of cash compared to the old school marketing strategy like cold calling and massive email forwarding.

5. Increased Visibility

SEO will help your website/s increased its visibility in search engines. To be able to do that, you should determine the “buying phrase”. That means including keywords that will help the users find your products and/or services.

6. Bypass Competition

Remember that you’re competitors are going online. That means they are both on social media and in search engines. To keep up with the competition, you should do it as well.

7. Brand Exposure

To users, companies or business that are on the top of the rankings in search results are more trustworthy and credible. So being on top of the rankings means more exposure to your website since users have significant impressions on your business.

8. Increases Social Media Sharing

SEO plays a very important role in social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, because those contents that are shared by the users of those social media platforms are directly connected to SEO. Through SEO, you can control what people read on social media sites in which they can share it to their networks.

9. You will have access to information

By looking at the keywords being searched by the users, you can have access to customer information. You will know what are they searching the most and you can use this information to make a highly searched volume keywords.