There have been questions on which is important: Twitter likes or followers? While both are essential, some would agree that likes are more valuable. As you would have thought, some believe otherwise.

Twitter is one of the top ten most popular social networking sites in the world today. This fact makes Twitter a very good place for companies to engage with customers and raise awareness of their brand. In fact, more people find it a plus for companies to have a Twitter account as they sound more legitimate. People also sometimes look at who else are following a company so they’ll know if the business is worth their time or not.

So why’s Twitter important for you?

The answers are you’ll get more traffic to your website and, most importantly, get more leads out of it. These are not merely theoretical statements as they’re backed by statistics. An infographic by one of the largest marketing research institutes in the world reveals that about 30% of marketers have used Twitter to generate leads. Here’s more: about 20% of these leads also became closed deals.

Here at Mattis Marketing USA, we don’t just build a website for the sake of it. Instead, we always make sure that your site is tailored to your needs and that it includes the necessary elements that would increase your chances of success. We understand how social media plays a role in marketing, thus we always incorporate it in our web design. Moreover, we make sure your site’s easily visible online by making use of White Hat SEO techniques.

Here, we’ll show how your business can use Twitter to make some money:

1. Identify your followers and engage with them

Using your top search keywords, identify who among your followers are within your target market and who could help you get access to the appropriate customer base. Also make sure to only follow accounts who can help grow your business like journalists, writers of high-authority websites, and existing customers.

2. Learn from your competitors

One way to remain on top of your business is by checking your competitors and their followers. You can use Twitter to monitor your competitor's activity and their customers' feedbacks. From there, you can take note of what their customers like or dislike and create a good marketing strategy out of it. Moreover, you can let your customers do a forum on how you can improve your product or services.

3. Only create useful tweets

Do note that tweets are only useful and effective if they promote and increase brand awareness. This means your tweets should add value to your target audience or customers. If customers like your tweet, they're likely to retweet it. In return, you'll get more followers as they get more interested or look forward to your tweets.

Bottom line, it’s important for businesses to understand that getting leads using social media doesn't happen overnight. It requires a good understanding of the social platform and a lot of effort to improve your social media skills. The better your Twitter profile gets, your chances of generating more leads will be higher.