Finding website bug fixes can be more complicated than how it looks. There are instances when it requires more than just your plain DIY tricks.

Website outage can be costly. For big companies such as Amazon, they’ve reported approximately $66,240 loss per minute when their website experienced technical difficulties briefly in 2013. Google also experienced a software problem in 2014 which plummeted their stocks by 2.4%.

The same goes for small and medium sized entrepreneurs. It is easy for your traffic to switch to other competitors if your website is down.

A bug in your website can ruin a lot of things for your business. It can result in reduced traffic, or even customers no longer trusting your company because of the error. It is important for every website to be running smoothly at all times. However, there are instances when these untoward circumstances happen. The idea is to minimize the damage by getting the website back on track the soonest possible time.

Often times, website bug issues is a result of a typo in the website’s code. This requires careful scrutiny by experts who are adept not only in HTML and CSS but even in PHP and Java. There are also some instances when server maintenance is to blame for these instances. Nonetheless, it is your sales, traffic, engagement, and operations that are going to suffer.

That’s where Mattis Marketing USA enters the picture. Mattis Marketing USA is a company that offers website bug fixes and other concerns in your online business.

Why Pick Us?

Why us? With our years of experience, we have come up with effective solutions to websites of our clients. We have come up with strategies not only to solve bugs but to also anticipate future problems that may occur in our client’s current setup.

With our team of experienced web designers and developers, we can easily pinpoint the problem and lessen the lag time wherein your website experiences problems. We help get your website back on track in no time. We also give you a report what happened to your website. Was there a problem somewhere in the code? Was there a large influx of traffic on your website on a particular day? Or was it a problem on the part of your hosting?

Aside from identifying and solving the problem, we take part in finding a proactive solution to your situation. What can be done to avoid these things from happening again? Do you need better hosting? Perhaps, you need to get a new web design to get rid of all the glitches?

We also look at the possibility of using a secondary hosting account by a different hosting company. These are instances wherein it becomes handy.

How do we respond to website bugs?

The first thing that we ask is the extent of the damage. With our years in the industry, we’ve encountered cases wherein only selected users are affected. This gives us an idea about the extent of the damage on the website. If this is the case, it can be a problem with your hosting. It can also be that server maintenance that is causing the disruption.

Whatever the cause of the problem is, we make sure that we pinpoint where it comes from. Our team of web experts has all the experience and knowledge in dealing with both small and complicated scenarios.

Next, what exactly can we do from here? We determine a plan of action on how to solve your website problem. There are times wherein it’s a software bug that is causing the problem on your site. In these types of scenarios, we find an alternative solution that helps reduce the problem in your site.

We cater to both small and medium-sized entrepreneurs

The World Wide Web has provided a venue where small and medium-sized businesses have the chance to compete against large corporations. But it is important for these businesses to play their cards right. It is important to have the right approach from their website to all aspects of their online marketing strategy.

Our goal as a company is to make sure that small and medium-sized entrepreneurs find affordable and effective online solutions. We provide fixes to your website bugs and ensure that your site runs efficiently to maximize your web presence.

Protect your website from hackers

It is a common scenario that your website is experiencing problems because of hackers. It is possible that hackers have penetrated your website and has played with your code. With our web experts, you can guarantee that your website is protected from these types of attacks.

We also cover other web concerns

It is a common problem among entrepreneurs to hire a web designer only to provide a website that has a number of bugs in it. This can be a very problematic scenario especially if you are thinking that your company was able to save some money from the deal. As rule of thumb, your website should always be running smoothly.

With the help of Mattis Marketing USA, you can get help on your website and other online marketing concerns from start to finish. Our company also offers web design, free of bugs that can help give you the edge against the competition. We also take the necessary precautions in order to ensure that you don’t experience these problems. And if ever you experience bugs in your website, our team of web experts can act on it. With their experience and knowledge, they can determine the problem and formulate an effective solution that can get the website back.

Aside from fixing the bugs in your website, we are also offering other related website services. We cover SEO consultancy to our clients.

Did you know that 8 out of 10 Google users don’t even go to the second search result page? That means a significant amount of traffic lost without the right SEO strategy. As your SEO consultant, we provide useful insights on how you can maximize the current search engine algorithm. We can also provide you with a website SEO report that shows your progress, and how you can still maximize the niche.