Why Your Business Needs Social Media Marketing

Having a separate website email for your business other than your personal email helps you and your business establish a professional image, and improves the credibility of your business.

A website email is an email ending with your domain name. For example, if your domain name is mydomain.com, your website email could be owner@yourdomain.com or support@yourdomain.com. It has similar basic functions like that of websites offering free personal accounts like Google, Yahoo, Zoho, Yandex and etc. Aside from building a business with SEO in mind and social media marketing; setting up a website email for your website is also a key ingredient for a successful business.

The goal of getting a website email is to have your customers and potential customers read your emails, communicate with you, and buy your goods or services. With a custom email address for your website, it gives your business an edge over competitors, reduces business risks, makes communicating with customers easier and overall, improves your business. We got it for you here in Mattis Marketing USA.


For your professional image
Having a website email is boosts your professional image. It gives the impression that your business is independent, polished, competent, organized, legitimate and original. In other words, it guarantees your potential customers that your business is to be trusted.
For your branding
Getting a website email for your website makes a big difference for your business. Consider this: You receive an email from sam112@yahoo.com instead of sam@yourdomain.com. Which one is most likely a customer will open and engage to? That would be the latter. It leaves a mark not only on your customer's inbox but also on their minds. It will be how your business is known. Website emails help build a brand for your business, and in turn, gives you the edge on your business competitions.
For customers to easily reach you
Having an email for your business website separates your business emails from your personal emails which make the opening, locating and responding emails easier. It saves you from all the email clutter of having one email for personal and business use. It, therefore, makes you stay on top of things.
For efficient and convenient organization
Website email address is customizable. You can set up emails for customer service (example: contact@yourdomain.com or support@yourdomain.com); for potential customer questions (example: info@yourdomain.com or questions@yourdomain.com) and for newsletters (example: hello@yourdomain.com). With this, sorting of emails will never be a headache. Knowing who is in charge and expert of the conversation among your team and responding to an email will be easier. It also backs up your emails for future use.

Problem When You Don"t Have a Website Email

A business website that does not have a website email puts your business at risk. Setting up a website email for business is a small and easy thing to do but its effect on your business is very crucial and critical. It is a small thing that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Here are the risks you’re getting your business into if you don’t have a website email:

1. Your customer's emails might not get answered

Having one account for all emails in your business makes sorting difficult. Because of a large mass of emails coming into your inbox with different categories (customer support, newsletter, questions, orders, etc.), some emails will not be answered or read. This risks losing some of your customers. Oh no!

2. Un-sorted emails on one email will confuse you.

The advantage of getting a website email is that you can sort them according to a category on separate inboxes. Having a single email for all email category is laborious and overwhelming---you quickly lose your focus on answering to emails because they are of different categories.

3. You might not be able to reach your customers.

Yahoo mail and Hotmail are not at all times advisable. The problem of free email addresses is that it is easily labeled as scams or viruses. If placed on spam folder in your customer's inbox, this email might not be read. Also, you lose your business' credibility. You should try Google Mails for Business, trusted by several companies in the world.

4. Your customers might not be able to reach you

Shared inboxes receive less than half the number of emails individual inboxes receive. Free emails have shared inboxes. If you're getting a free email for your website and not utilizing an individual inbox for website email, you might not receive your customer's emails. We wouldn't want that, right?

Mattis Marketing can create an email address with your domain name in it. Aside from that, we’ll provide necessary backups from your email. Professionalism is attainable with business emails so contact us now to be one.