Website hosting is a necessity for anyone who needs to have a website. Without the right host, it is possible to experience a number of issues along the way.

The World Wide Web has allowed even small companies to maximize their presence online and compete even with large companies. That’s the power of the internet. However, if you decided to have your own website, you will have to take care of two things. One, you will need to have a domain. A domain takes care of your website’s address. Next, you will need to get web hosting for your site.

But for many companies, it’s a common mistake to find themselves with the wrong web hosting company or package. The wrong type of hosting can cause a website to become unavailable online, which can significantly affect sales, reputation, and overall traffic.

What is hosting?

Before anything else, what is hosting? What makes it so important when you decided to have your own website? Web hosting offers technology that allows the website to be viewed online. In simple terms, a web host allows a website to become visible online by offering servers.

Before you decide to avail of hosting packages, it is a good idea that you know the basic differences between each option. Keep in mind that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for hosting. It is important that website owners know what they are looking for to avoid problems to occur along the way.

For instance, shared web hosting is the most common option for a lot of web owners. This is the perfect option especially for bloggers and personal websites.

Think of it as an apartment with a number of other residents living in it. The good thing about shared hosting is that you can save a good amount of money. However, keep in mind that you get what you pay for. It does have limited functionalities such as a ceiling in your traffic.

Next option is a VPS hosting option. Unlike an apartment with other tenants, think of it as a townhouse. This gives you the chance to share the resources with much fewer websites. In effect, it offers power, flexibility, and better control than the typical shared hosting package.

Now, if you are running a website that is high-traffic and resource-intensive, it is a common scenario that both VPN and shared hosting options simply won’t cut it. That’s when a dedicated server is needed in this kind of scenario.

Aside from the type of hosting that you are going to get, it also matters to look closely at the location of the hosting company. It is just as important to look at your traffic. For instance, if your traffic is located in Asia, it is best if you also get a hosting company that has servers within the region. This helps minimize lag time to most of your traffic. However, if you have traffic from different parts of the world, it is best to choose a hosting company that has servers placed midway of everything.

We Offer Web Hosting Services

Mattis Marketing USA offers web hosting services. Our hosting services guarantee that we meet the modern demands of websites today. We are today’s industry leader when it comes to providing hosting services for websites with different needs.

What makes us different from other hosting companies that is our ability to cover different types of websites. We’ve worked with sites from a simple portfolio to a high traffic e-commerce website. We offer web hosting that is backed by experts in the industry that offer 24/7 support.

We also offer web hosting that is built and optimized for WordPress. This gives web owners the opportunity to make the necessary changes without hiring a developer to change the code over and over again.

However, if you are looking for something that is more powerful, you can also rely on some of our specialized packages. We provide dedicated servers if you need absolute control on your high traffic website. Also, we are offering cloud servers that can help develop your apps in a fast and reliable environment.

Why pick us?

Mattis Marketing USA has offered its services to various clients over the years. With our years of experience in the hosting industry, we can provide you with the right solution that fits your needs. .

Also, we own and manage our own servers as well as our software. With our state-of-the-art technology, you can guarantee 99.99% uptime on your website. We also have dedicated experts that are willing to take your inquiries and give solutions to your website concerns. And are you on a budget on your online needs? Our company offers web hosting services for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs. The hosting solution we offer comes with a reasonable price tag.

More than your regular hosting company

Aside from hosting, we offer a number of other services that comes in handy on your online presence. Are you wondering why you can’t receive website emails on your website? Or perhaps, your website suddenly becomes inaccessible to some areas?

With our team of web experts, we can provide website bug fixes in the soonest possible time. We can determine the problem and apply the appropriate solution for your concerns. Whether it’s high traffic that is causing your website to lag, or it’s a problem in your website’s code, Mattis Marketing USA can help cover everything you need to ensure that your site is up at all times.

Our company also offers preemptive approach when it comes to dealing with bugs in your website. We can provide you with a thorough assessment on your website and provide findings and changes that can be applied in order to prevent problems from taking place. We also help provide additional security to your website in order to ensure that hackers can’t get access to vital information submitted on your website.

If you are looking for a company that can help you in your online needs, from building your website to hosting, feel free to contact us! Not only do we offer effective online solutions, we also cater to different businesses regardless if you are a startup or a large company with more specific requirements.