Questions ranging from “Is my site getting all the visitors it should get?” to “Is my site even visible?” will all be answered in the Website SEO Report.

What ia a website SEO report?
A website SEO (Search Engine Optimization) report is a careful and in-depth analysis of your website. These three are the most fundamental components of a website SEO report and all other components of a website SEO report will always be a derivative from these three. These factors are the ones particularly considered and analyzed in optimizing your website in search engine results. Not let’s get to the A’s and B’s of website SEO report!
Website Authority
This measures your site’s rank in Google’s or other browser’s search result. It is a figure on a 100-points scale (100 being the highest) which reveals your site’s position in a search result: Do your site appear on the first page of a search engine result? Needless to say, the searchers limit their “field-of-view” only on the first pages on a result page and without doubt neglect those in the later pages. And just like that, higher website authority equals greater website visitors.
Page Authority
If your website authority is a score that shows the rank you’re your site’s domains and subdomains (web address), page authority is the same but on the individual pages of your website. All the same, they determine how competitive the page’s links are that sustain them a top position in search engine results. On-page SEO will increase a website’s page authority.
Linking Root Domains
This is how many other individual websites connect and/or link back to your website. This is a very valuable piece of information for it will help increase your overall site ranking. Linking root domains can be increased by earning and building links through social media, content, public relations and etc. The aforementioned three are just again, the basic contents of a website SEO report. Our website SEO analysis reports do not end there— there are still more aspects that are to be evaluated and analyzed in your website:
  • Keyword Research Reports
  • Competition Analysis Reports
  • Website Audit Reports
  • Rank Analysis
  • On-Site Analysis
  • Website Accessibility
  • Trust Metrics
  • Current Indexing
  • And more!

Mattis Marketing USA will provide and prepare the best and effective SEO report that will cover essential things you need to know about what will be the boundless aid in determining things that needed to be improved, corrected and focused on, in a manner that will bring increase to your website’s overall rankings.

What is the importance of website SEO report

A full and thorough website analysis and audit will prepare you for your campaign battle—it checks if you have the right ammunition, a good strategy, adequate weapons, and a formidable defense. One can’t go charge towards a world of cut-throat marketing competition among online businesses without everything primed and ready.

Website SEO report is an initial step our team, together with all our clients who wishes to engage their sites on our search engine optimization have to undertake. We find initial website SEO report a necessity in order to evaluate and analyze associated aspects on our client’s sites. Through this meticulous procedure, we can formulate powerful strategies and approaches that will jumpstart your online marketing and ensure a successful SEO campaign. All things considered, website SEO report is a protocol our team adheres to and complies to prudently.

What are the characteristics of a good website SEO report

In building a website SEO report for our clients, Mattis Marketing’s team is very critical on how it should come to be and take the following points into good consideration:

  • It should be complete – it should have all the essential elements and information that will be evaluated and analyzed. It should not miss any important data that is compulsory in determining improvements that should be employed and should allow for a systematic, useful analysis.
  • It should be concise – a good website SEO report only constitutes components that are needed. It has to be straight forward and should contain descriptions that are honest—lie-free, deception-free and fluff-free. Unnecessary figures should be eluded.
  • It should be comprehensive – A good website SEO report should be presented in a language our clients can comprehend. Our experts and our clients are team-players, consequently, we value opinions on both ends and in order to come up with good operational tactics, both sides, our experts, and our client/s should meet midpoint linguistically—and this could be achieved by using easy simple language.
  • It should be clear and presentable – our team sees to it that our reports are friendly on our reader’s eyes. It should be organized and structured well.
  • It should be factual – Our team shares a common goal with our clients and to ensure absolute success in our SEO campaign, website SEO reports should be valid, based on facts, verified information and are not tampered with.

Website SEO report contains a “recipe” needed in order to decide on what measures or approaches ought to be employed for your website’s search engine optimization. For that reason, an excellent report should be invested time on and should be carried out critically.

What kind of sites needs website SEO report
  • Online Business
  • Blogs
  • Business
  • General news sites and Social media sites
  • Brand-building sites
  • Content sites
  • E-commerce sites
  • Wiki sites
  • Information sites
  • Gaming and gambling sites

Technically, ANY sites can be a subject of SEO report. If site owners wish to know the statistics of their sites, then they can use information in the report for their own evaluation and use besides search engine optimization. Also, clients usually organize SEO reports of competitors through competitive analysis report for the reason to track their competitors and overlook opportunities.

It is your business’ basic need

If your business is based online, it is a grave necessity comparable to humans’ need for oxygen. And if your business is not completely based online, likewise, your business website still needs an evaluation from website SEO reports. After all, we live in an era where everything has to have online or virtual counterpart. Everyone is on the internet, so should your business too. Thus it all falls that online marketing is a must—and, Search engine Optimization (SEO) is the best friend of online marketing.

Since a website SEO report evaluates how your site is doing in terms of its level of search visibility, it is a rate-determining step as to what means of techniques should be employed to get you the traffic your website needs.

Website SEO report: a routine

A website SEO report is not something that is set on a one-time basis—it has to be a regular routine your sites have to engage with. It is not something that your sites should undertake not only pre-SEO campaign but also post campaign. This ensure that your website is performing well, and you are getting the right visitors and conversions; secures a consistent ranking on search engine results, and also make sure that problems are being diagnosed.

Mattis Marketing provides the best website SEO report for you. We assure you that with our reports, we will be able to pinpoint and diagnose the problems that may arise in your website.